Oral Histories of the LHC

Object ID Description
Bernard, Ruth (Williams)

Address: 36 Osgood Street, Lawrence, MA 01843
Phone: (978) 688-2642
Date of Birth: August 18, 1920
Date of Death: January 3, 2007
Occupation: Retired Nurse
Ethnic Background: English, Welsh
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Summary: The narrator graduated from the Lawrence General Hospital School of Nursing in 1941, and continued to work there. Eventually she went to work for Dr. Arakalian for 33 years. She describes the school, the routine, the uniforms, and the strict conditions for the young women.

Bella, Joseph

Address: 77 Ford St., Methuen, MA 01844
Date of Birth: May 30, 1946
Occupation: Retired Job Interviewer for Commonwealth of Mass.
Ethnic Background: Italian
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Summary: The narrator describes his experiences, from being drafted into the Army, through his tour in Vietnam. His descriptions are very detailed, from two attacks to his homecoming. He was involved in a "Ring of Fire" to save trapped Marines.

Belko, Joyce Daher

Born: May 9, 1951
Died: September 13, 2003
Occupation: Retailer - family business
Ethnic Background: Lebanese
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Summary: This interview deals primarily with the Daher business - a Lawrence business for many years - founded by Mrs. Belko's father "as a hobby" for her mother. They sell shoes and clothing. She talks about their competition, growth, work ethic, and bringing up a family while running a successful business. Daher's Shoes

Belanger, Marie

Born: 1923 - New Britain, Conn.
Occupation: Stitcher for shoe companies, Western Electric (assembler & solderer), DATA in Andover - helps new immigrants - Raytheon.
Ethnic Background: French Canadian
Interviewer: Paul Hudon
Comments: Focus is: bettering one's work conditions by perseverance and contributing to the needs of new immigrants - bi-lingual education. French Canadian community.

Beaumont, Phyllis (Brown)

Address: 240 Stevens St., North Andover, MA 01845
Phone: (978) 686-7690
Date of Birth: March 11, 1927
Occupation: (Retired) Bookkeeper
Ethnic Background: Scotch
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Summary: Phyllis Beaumont was an active member of the United Presbyterian Church, but was formerly a member of First Presbyterian when it merged in 1979 with ChristPresbyterian Church. She stresses the importance of the social fabric of the Church in her life. The church closed in June 2003 with a dwindling and aging membership.

Beaulieu, William

Born: January 11, 1901
Occupation: Spinner
Ethnic Background: French Canadian
Interviewer: Yildray Erdener, PhD.
Comments: Recalling the mill strike as an 11 year old boy. Hosing down the strikers. Starting in the mills as a bag boy, 54 hours a week for $5.76. Description of workers and their jobs, spinners, mulespiecer, bag boy. Free time was spent bowling or dancing. How everyone in the family contributed their pay to help support the family. Recalling the Shawsheen Mill strike of 1931. The flood of 1936. Good description of machinery on this tape.

Beaudoin, Rose

Born: November 23, 1895
Occupation: Burler
Ethnic Background: French Canadian
Interviewer: Joan McDonald
Comments: Description of woman mill worker who also has family responsibilities - references to Strike of 1912 - father played in band and marched in "For God and Country Parade".

Bayreuther, George

Born: Colby St., Lawrence, MA
Occupation: Mill Worker and other
Ethnic Background: German
Interviewer: Ken Skulski
Comments: Mr. Bayreuther's recall of wages, mill work, and events make this tape good listening. It is the ordinary story of a nice man making his way in life while living in Lawrence. His commentaries on working mothers, medicine,and the behavior of young people , are interesting. He grew up in a "German" home. His work history is varied.

Basso, Angela

Born: January 19, 1912, Santa Maria de Licodia, Sicily
Address: 27 Woodmeadow Drive Salem, NH 03079
Ethnic Background: Italian
Interviewer: Janet Levine
Comments: This is an ICA mastertape made from the original that belongs to Angela Basso. The tapes were loaned to ICA by Mitzi Sciandra with the permission of Angela Basso. Memories of Italy during WWII - coming to America by ship - gardening
323 - entering Ellis Island, going to school, married life. The last part of this tape is more of a personal family life story than the rest of the tape.

Bass, Richard

Address: Cardinal Shoe Corporation, 468 Canal St., Lawrence, MA 01840
Phone: (978) 686-9706
Date of Birth: February 21, 1944
Occupation: C.E.O. Cardinal Shoe Corporation
Ethnic Background: Jewish
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Summary: Cardinal Shoe Corporation was founded by the narrator's father and brother-in-law. They began in Lawrence when they acquired a bankrupt shoe company in Lawrence. After being in the Everett Mills building, they acquired and rehabilitated a building on Canal St., where they are now located. With the decline in the local shoe industry, as manufacturing moved to Brazil and China, the company is making the top-of-the line Gaynor Minden pointe (ballet) shoe and dance paws for barefoot dancing. At one point, Lawrence surpassed Haverhill in shoe production. Samples of the products in the LHC Collection.

Bashara, Sayda

Born: Deir el Kamar, Lebanon
Occupation: Restaurant Proprietor
Ethnic Background: Lebanese
Interviewer: Juliet Bistany
Comments: This interview was done in the narrator's native tongue. On file is a full transcription and translation. According to the interviewer, this is an expressive, insightful interview, and the narrator has a remarkable memory and brings the past to life.
Bishop's Restaurant

Bashara, Abraham

Interviewer: Henry Young
Occupation: Restaurant Owner
Ethnic Background: Lebanese
Summary: This tape starts with the founding of Bishop's Restaurant and its change of site during the days of Urban Renewal in Lawrence

Barsotti, Joan

Born: June 15, 1935, Lawrence
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Ethnic Background: Italian
Interviewer: Mary Armitage
Comments: This is a good, general ethnic interview, with an interesting comparison made between living in Florence, Italy and Lawrence, Massachusetts. The narrator is married to a Florentian, but was born and raised in Lawrence. Also of interest is her reference to a man called Antifurnario, the father of her aunt. She said he was an organizer during the Strike of 1912, and was banned from Lawrence and went to live in Lowell.

Barraco, Mary WWII Project, Freedom Fighter, Gerry Kirk Computer - Doc 15

Born: September 1, 1923 - Lawrence, MA
Occupation: Mill Worker - and other
Ethnic Background: Italian/Belgian
Local Address: c/o Margaret Sirinzo 42 White St., Apt. 71, Lawrence, MA 01841
Home Address: 1604 Quail Point Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Comments: A far ranging narration starting in Lawrence, year 1-7, then to Belgium where WWII caught up with M. Barraco and her mother - focus of interview is on living as an American in an occupied land, participation in the resistance, imprisonment, and eventual return to U.S.A., and working in the mills.

Barone, Fred

Address: 191 Maple Street, Lawrence, MA
Phone: (978) 682-4781
Date of Birth: September 15, 1911
Date of Death: March 22, 2000
Occupation: Musician
Ethnic Background: Italian
Interviewer: Rosemary Blessington
Summary: Fred Barone describes how the band that he and his brothers started grew in size and played all over New England. The band spanned over forty years. He describes the hardships of traveling and holding another job at the same time.

Barker, Marion

Address: 237 North Main Street, Andover, MA (now at the Berkeley Retirement Home, Lawrence)
Date of Birth: 1902
Date of Death: January 14, 2004
Occupation: Biology Teacher
Ethnic Background: American (other index cards say English)
Interviewers: Janyce Sagaser, Elinor Olney, Mary Sherman
Summary: This tape is a history of the Travelers' Club in Lawrence (1897-1996)...

Barker, Marion

Born: 1902
Occupation: Teacher, L.H.S.
Ethnic Background: English
Interviewer: Yil Erdener
Comments: This tape has not been reviewed. SG makes reference to Strike of 1912. See also, V94-83 a,b,&c.
Summary: This is an excellent tape because of her family's long standing involvement with the mills at management level, though her father was an accountant. She recounts several incidents relating to the strike from the citizens' point of view, not the striker's point of view. Her description of the "Parker House", corner of Lawrence and Haverhill Streets, is from first hand knowledge because a Barker lived there. Her education and professional life are interesting in terms of the place and era she lived in.

Barker, Marion

Born: 1902, London, England
Died: January 14, 2004
Occupation: Teacher, L.H.S.
Ethnic Background: English
Interviewer: Joan McDonald
Comments: Ms. Barker's grandfather was an overseer of spinning at the Pacific Mill; her father worked at the Pacific Mill as an accountant. Ms. Barker lived at the corner of Lawrence and Haverhill Streets for 71 years. In the tape, she recalls the 1912 strike; she remembers being told, in school, about Lawrence's filtration system.

Babigian, Peter

Tape # 15 and 15A Babigian, Peter
Born: February 27, 1898
Occupation: Hairdresser - Owner of Purity Beauty Shop
Ethnic Background: Armenian
Interviewer: Sylvia Shive
Subject: Armenian community in Lawrence.
"Difficult to hear and understand" (M. Cope 11/9/94)

Barg, Joyce (Cookson)

Address: 979 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA 01841
Phone: (978) 682-8259
Date of Birth: February 26, 1940
Occupation: Business Manager
Ethnic Background: English/French
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Summary: The narrator began working in St. Mary's office when she had just graduated from St. Mary's High School. She has been there almost 50 years, starting in 1957. She describes some of the highlights of the church during her years there, including the name changes and mergers. Today the church is known as St. Mary of the Assumption. The Church was built by the Irish, but today the majority of the parishoners are Hispanic.

Barcelos, Jose

Occupation: Family in market business
Ethnic Background: Portuguese
Interviewer: Theresa DePippo
This tape starts rather abruptly because it was originally part of another tape. Subject: Portuguese family history. Family owned Barcelos Markets.

Aziz, Roger

Ethnic Background: Lebanese/Syrian
Interviewer: Paul Hudon
To quote from the interviewer, "This is a straightforward, no nonsense interview." References to his family's emigration, work, church, division within the Lebanese community, Syrian Cemetery, present work.

Axelrod, Hyman

Born: approximately 1897 (Russia) lived in Lawrence since 1911
Occupation: Painter, glazer
Ethnic Background: Jewish
Interviewer: Ms. Clarisse Poirier, PhD. & Eartha Dengler
Mr. Axelrod mentions the Strike of 1919 in tapes 17B & 17C.
Subject: Lawrence's Jewish Community. Discussions of Ayer Mill (#130); Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (#256); Jewish community attitudes; his work at the Berger Paper Co.; 1943; The Workmen's Circle, 1892; the Yiddish language (#236); discussion of Emma Goldman (#466); and Zionists (#507)
Tape OH 17B: Discussion of the Red Scare (#324); police hunting radicals (#130), fear of bolshevism in the US (#193).
Tape OH 17C: Topics discussed: (#015) Mr. Axelrod was an active member of the Painters and Wallpaper Hangers Union. (#265) A discussion of the Workman's Circle, benefits of: (#287) the Yiddish School; (#310) Synagogue School; (#024) Irish contributions to the community; (#069) banks starting in Lawrence; (#259) Strike of 1919; (#383) the Palmer raids, 1919.

Averka, Katherine

Address: 9 Maple Ave., Andover, MA
Born: 1907 (in Lawrence)
Died: May 3, 2003
Occupation: Mill Worker, later Food Service
Ethnic Background: Lithuanian
Interviewer: Yilderay Erdener
Katherine worked in the mills as a burler. When the mills closed (in 1951) she worked in Lawrence Printworks, then later at Western Electric in North Andover. Katherine describes working conditions and also family life.

Averback, Bella

Occupation: Housewife
Ethnic Background: Jewish/Russian
Interviewer: Rebecca Zidle
Focus on synagogue, community affairs, significant things during war times, recollection of Strike of 1912, her philosophy, etc. Jewish community of Lawrence, Hebrew education.

Aufiero, Paschal Lawrence Veterans in WWII Army Air Corps

Address: 7 Queen Ave., Methuen, MA 01844
Phone: (508) 683 - 6818
Date of Birth: January 28, 1926
Occupation: Manager (bowling), Drafting
Ethnic Background: Italian
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Sergeant, Army Air Force. Army Air Corps, China, Burma, India. Theatre. Gunner's Wings, AAF Air Crew Member Badge (wings). American Theatre Ribbon, Asiatic Pacific Theatre Ribbon w/ 4 bronze stars. Victory Medal and Goog Conduct Medal.

Audy, Marie Robidoux WWII Project WAAC/AAF

Address: 96 Gilbert Street, Lawrence, MA 01843
Phone: (508) 688 - 3059
Date of Birth: January 18, 1922
Occupation: Data processing and accounting
Ethnic Background: French Canadian
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Branch of Service: Women's Army Auxiliary Corps - Air Transport Command. Rank: Sergeant. Three brothers were in the service also: Alfred - Army, Ernest - Army, and Arthur - Navy.

Arthur, Mildred Porst Floyd, Nancy Porst Arthur

Interviewed by: Eartha Dengler and Ken Skulski
Ethnic: German
Arthur Porst oversaw move of Pacific Mills from Lawrence.
Educated in Lawrence, husband oversaw move of Pacific Mills to the South, rationing of food during the Second World War, family moved to Chapel Hill, N.C.

Arsenault, Catherine

Address: 20 Amherst Street, Lawrence, MA
Date of Birth: January 12, 1925
Ethnic Background: Scotch
Interviewer: Susan Piazza
Catherine (Kitty) Arsenault spent her early years in the gatekeeper's house at the Great Stone Dam because her father was the gatekeeper, working for the Essex Company. This tape was done at the Dam as Kitty goes into areas that she has not seen since she was a child. A video was done at the same time; the audio is the same on both the oral history and the video. June 21, 1999 and September 9, 1999
Video (VOO - 130) done at the same time

Arsenault, Alfred WWII Marine Corps

Address: 20 Amherst Street, Lawrence, MA 01843
Phone: (978) 686-6557
Date of birth: October 14, 1921
Occupation: Mill Worker, mechanical handyman
Ethnic Background: French (Prince Edward Island)
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
5 brothers were in the service in WWII - later a total of 8 - when other brothers joined later. He enlisted just before Pearl Harbor. His tour of duty was mostly in the Pacific. His tour ended as a rifle coach at Parris Island. Among places he fought were Guadalcanal, Guam, protecting Henderson Field. He recuperated from Malaria in New Zealand.
Marine Corps - Rank: Corporal
Theatre: Pacific

Arold, Fred

Born: September 11, 1913
Occupation: Mill Worker
Ethnic Background: German
Interviewer: Yil Erdener
Fred Arold is identifying photos at his home. As the photos are being identified, the narrator gives background information on his German family and their customs and work.

Arold, Fred

Born: September 11, 1913
Occupation: Mill Worker
Ethnic Background: German
Interviewer: Yil Erdener
On this tape Mr. Arold is identifying NUMBERED photos. As the photos are being identified, the narrator gives background information on his German family and their customs and work.

Arold, Fred

Date of Birth: September 11, 1913
Occupation: Mill Worker
Ethnic Background: German
Interviewer: Yil Erdener
The narrator discusses his work in the mills and also talks about his wife's family, who came here as textile people from England.

Arold, Frederick

Born: September 11, 1913
Occupation: Mill Worker
Ethnic Background: German
Interviewer: Yildray Erdener
Discusses growing up in the same house today. Talks about working in the mills, the ranks, and how people got their jobs. The different nationalities worked different areas. Very vivid description of the mill jobs, "smells" and rooms.
Continues describing the jobs in the mills. Also touches upon the union CIO. Wiegels Cafe: Describes the jobs in the weave rooms, all of the titles of the jobs.

Armitage, Mary O' Hearn

Tape # 461 Armitage, Mary
Address: 12 Sutton Hill Road North Andover, MA 01845
Phone: (978) 585-2255
Date of Birth: March 31, 1922
Occupation: Oral Historian
Ethnic Background: English/Yankee, Irish, Dutch, German, American Indian
Interviewer: Ardith LaRochelle
General interview - was intended to be a demo for summer intern experience - Ardith said she learned of things she had never heard of before, so it was determined to put the tape in our files. Included are stories of WWII as it affected Lawrence, military service, and working in Washington D.C., etc., Depression, post war.

Armitage, Mary

Born: March 31, 1922
Occupation: Part time staff member, Immigrant City Archives
Ethnic Background: English, Irish, Dutch, German, American Indian
Interviewer: Yilderay Erdener
Tape deals with identification of photographs.

Armitage, Mary O"Hearn WWII Project Marice Corps (WR)

Date of Birth: March 31, 1922
Occupation: Oral Historian, Head of Oral History Department, Immigrant City Archives
Ethnic Background: English (Yankee), Irish, Dutch, German, American Indian
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
This tape reviews what it was like for one family from the time WWII started until it ended - the roles that were played by each family member - typical of what was happening in families all over the country. Two daughters and one son were in the service, the mother served in the Mass. Women's Defense Corps, the father was a newspaperman who participated in many endeavors related to the war.

Aparicio, Ester (Project: Spanish Speaking People)

Address: 35 Common St. Apt. 24 G, Lawrence, MA
Phone: (978) 683-7366

Aponovich, Anelia

Born: February 14, 1892
Ethnic Background: Lithuanian
Interviewer: Jonas Stundza
This tape is in Lithuanian and needs to be translated. Lithuanian Community

Ansara, Andrew W.

Occupation: District Immigration Agent
Interviewer: Ms. Clarisse Poirier, PhD.
Subject: The work of the state office of immigration and Americanization.


Phone Number: (978) 687-7022
Occupation: Student
Ethnic Background: Vietnamese
Interviewer: Tran
Anh is an eleven year old who came from Vietnam, learned English, and wants to be a doctor to help people.

Anderson, Ruth (husband is Donald)

Born: 1899
Ethnic Background: "Yankee" community of Lawrence
Interviewer: Ms. Clarisse Poirier, PhD.
Ruth is affiliated with the YWCA, and the tape is hard to hear and difficult to understand - not worth keeping.

Ambrey, John WWII Project Navy

Address: 26 Elmcrest Road, North Andover, MA 01845
Phone: Unavailable
Date of Birth: July 12, 1921
Occupation: Monamak Mill, Baker
Ethnic Background: English/Irish
Interviewer: Robert Castricone
Served on the Sangamon (escort carrier)
Branch: Navy
Theatre: European Pacific

Amalgamated Clothing & Textile Workers Union

Born: Majority of group was born and raised in Lawrence
Occupation: Mill Workers
Ethnic Background: Mostly Italian
Interviewer: Susan Benson/Clarisse Poirier
This tape focuses on mill work: accidents, health problems, boarding house conditions, insurance, union organization, wage difference in mill cities on the Merrimack River, differences between working in shoe shops and textile mills. Description of work in Grieco Bros. and Tyer Rubber Co.

Allston, Varneta

Address: 1 Beacon Ave. Apt. 309, Lawrence, MA
Phone: Unavailable
Date of Birth: Unavailable
Date of Death: March 4, 2006
Ethnic Background: African-American
Interviewer: Barbara Brown
Varneta Allston is a single woman who was one of the first employees of Elder Services. She talks about troubles in building the Third Baptist Church.

Sister Alice Marie

Address: St. Patrick's Convent, 100 Parker St., Lawrence
Phone: (978) 682-5111
Born: June 27, 1908
Occupation: Teaching Sister
Ethnic Background: Irish
Interviewer: Kathryn Hammond
This tape does not seem to digress from focus on Irish involvement in Lawrence, references to development of parochial schools, Strike of 1912, comparison of past and present.

Alekel, Edward S. (WWII Veteran Project) Americal Division - Army

Address: 57 East St., Methuen, MA 01844
Phone: (978) 688-5276
Date of Birth: June 19, 1916
Occupation: Shoe Cutter & Veteran's Agent for Methuen
Ethnic Background: Lebanese
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Mr. Alekel was born in Lawrence and lived there for 2 years. Later he lived in Lawrence for 13 years. During WWII he was a staff sergeant in the Americal Division in both the Pacific and European theatres. Their insignia was the Southern Cross. He describes battles he was in. He tells of his Lebanese father going to coffee houses, Bishop's original restaurant - being drafted before the war (Yankee Division) for one year. Pearl Harbor changed his plans. He experienced Guadalcanal, Boganville, Soloman Islands, sent to Europe after Battle of the Bulge, etc. etc.
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Americal Division at Guadalcanal
Pacific and European Theatres
The transcription of this tape is in the time capsule at the Senior Citizen Center on Haverhill St. (as of February 1998).

Alaimo, Louis (WWII Veteran Project) Merchant Marine

Address: 395 Merrimack St., Methuen, MA 01844
Phone: Unavailable
Date of Birth: March 5, 1925
Occupation: Night Club Owner
Ethnic Background: Italian
Interviewer: Joan Kelley
Mr. Alaimo reviews his days in the Merchant Marines. He entered in WWII, but stayed for eight years. Explains differences between armed services and Merchant Marines. He opens a night club in Lawrence - he created this job because he needed one - but disliked it.
Rank: ?
Merchant Marine - WWII

Adams, Lucienne

Born: August 19, 1917
Occupation: Mill Worker - winder
Ethnic Background: French Canadian
Interviewer: Yildray Erdener
Worked in the Arlington Mill as a winder, describes this job, how they were paid by the amount of work they produced, and what happened when jobs began getting scarce.
This tape mostly discusses being French Canadian, family life, married life. Touches upon jobs at ITT and Hytron, but not in much detail, other than it was piece work.

Adams, Harold

Tape 257 - Adams
Born: 1914
Occupation: Mill worker JP Stevens, Andrew Wilson
Ethnic Background: Irish, English
Interviewer: Yildray Erdener
Discusses the unions in the mills. Getting on the WPA during the depression. Discusses his job in the mill in the combing room, and the rest of the process of making wool, belonging to the union, CIO, and the dues and how you ranked for work. He discusses the difference between working for the mills and working for Western Electric.